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Safety Patrol Picnic 2001

Take 320 hot dogs and buns, 9 Super Size cans of Chili, 360 packages of Fritos, ketchup, mustard, 15 cases of cokes, 720 cookies and what do you get?

Our yearly Safety Patrol Picnic.

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Theresa was taking a break here - or maybe she was falling asleep........No actually folks there was no way Theresa was going to fall asleep.   She was the first one there and the last one to leave so she worked really hard.  

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Here as you can see, everyone is working really hard to get all those hungry kids through the line as fast as possible.

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Here's Marvin who was part of the BBQ pit crew posing for the camera.   We served about 300 kids and teachers that day so that's a lot of hot dogs they had to cook.

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Here's Raul handing out the softdrinks from the back of a pickup.   He was really glad that the heat had melted most of the ice in the trash cans because he might have otherwise developed frostbite.

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Here's more of the crew at the B.B.Q. pit.  As you can tell Butch was working really hard blocking the wind from hitting the pilot light on the propane tank.

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Lydia and I were on cookie duty...If I would have had to say "cookie?" one more time I was going to faint...I think I said "cookie?" about 300 times that day.  Also, the picture on the right shows me eating...they could have warned me first so I could have swallowed but no....  Guys, a tidbit of information for all you men out there..."It is not cool to take a picture of a woman eating, o.k.!" (especially if it's going on the internet)......                


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Here are some more pictures of people eating.  Pat Smith is taking a big bite out of his hotdog, or cookie or something.  The girls on the left are thinking about whether they should start eating or wait till they take the picture.   They move.       

Well for those of you who were not there, you missed having a great time.  We all worked really hard but it was worth it.  Oh, by the way, we were not trying to decorate the tables like presents.  That's the amount of tape we had to put on the tables to keep the tablecloths from blowing away in the wind.